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Polaris Electronics Sirius One Iridium LRIT VMS
Polaris Electronics Sirius Track VMS Fleet management system
Polaris Electronics Sirius 3 GMDSS Navtex

SIRIUS One  - LRIT and VMS Iridium beacon

SIRIUS Track - Fleet Management System

SIRIUS 3 -  GMDSS Navtex for SOLAS ships

MSRP: USD 1335.00

By utilizing the Iridium satellites together with a cutting edge low powered combined GPS and GLONASS module we have created a great solution both in regards to tracking abilities and prolonged operation on battery. The Iridium Satellites provide not only true global tracking and connectivity, but also relieve you from the constraints of the geo stationary satellites that imply limitations on the placement of the transceiver on board vessels.

MSRP: USD 1395.00

Polaris Electronics has a complete asset management platform through the web based tracking solution SIRIUS track. We can track units reporting both via the Inmarsat and the Iridium satellites including Inmarsat C, Mini C, Fleet Broadband and Iridium SBD based transceivers. Available Anywhere The system is cloud based and accessible from any internet capable device through a browser. No installation required for the user. Simply log in and manage the vessels.

SIRIUS 3 is a 3 channel Navtex receiver for SOLAS vessels which comply with the latest Navtex performance standards.

  • Large 6.2" color touchscreen

  • 1000 messages memory 

  • 12/24 VDC supply

  • NMEA 0183 interface

  • USB printer output

  • Wheel marked, FCC and IC approved

Polaris Electronics Sirius B1 taple top bracket for navtex
Polaris Electronics Sirius B2 flush mount kit for Sirius 3 Navtex

SIRIUS B1 - Table top bracket kit for Navtex

MSRP: USD 38.00

Black tabletop/bulk head mounting bracket for SIRIUS 3.


Flush mount kit for Navtex

MSRP: USD 38.00

Black flush mount kit for SIRIUS 3.

Polaris Electronics A159 active DSC and Navtex antenna

SIRIUS A159 - active antenna for Navtex and DSC

MSRP: USD 225.00

Compact MF/HF antenna with built in amplifier. Only 13" long, 1" brass nut mount. For PL-259 male connector. Frequency range 01.-30 Mhz. 7-15 VDC  power feed through antenna cable. Can be used as replacement for Furuno Fax-5, NX-5 and NX-7 active antenna units.


Our affiliated partner Polaris Electronics A/S, Denmark  has combined all the input received from customers with the hard earned experience from the deployment of high tech hardware in the maritime environment, and has come up with a portfolio of products for which robustness, reliability, versatility and  cost were the focus points during the design of the devices.

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